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Brit schoolboy left horrifically injured after being flogged in Singapore

A former British schoolboy says he was beaten so bad he couldn’t sit after being caned 24 times in Singapore for drug crimes.

Ye Ming Yuen, 31, was found in possession of drugs in a park in 2016, and later pleaded guilty to drug trafficking after he admitted he shared them with friends.

He was then caught using drugs again while on bail and was sentenced to 20 years in prison, along with the maximum number of strokes a male inmate can receive in Singapore.

Describing the excruciating pain, Mr Yuen said the lashes were from a 4ft bamboo cane onto his naked buttocks while being secured to a large wooden trestle at Changi Prison on Wednesday.

His injuries were so bad he was left with bowel problems and a paralegal almost fainted after seeing his injuries.

The UK has since condemned Singapore over the flogging.

Ravi Madasamy is considering taking legal action on behalf of Mr Yuen under the international human rights law.

Human rights campaigners described the caning as “inhuman, degrading and indecent”.

After returning to the prison’s visiting room, Mr Madasamy told the Mail Online : “All over his buttocks were multiple marks and deep lacerations. It was so shocking my female paralegal who was with me almost fainted.

“The wounds were so deep with blood, flesh and layers of the skin exposed. He didn’t have any bandages, just a towel to put over the buttocks. He couldn’t sit for too long so he was standing up.

“It was the first time I had seen raw injuries like this and it left me deeply affected, thinking, “How can this be allowed to happen in a civilised country?”

Mr Yuen was flogged just one week after his appeal for clemency failed.

He could hear the screams and cries from fellow inmates being caned as he awaited his turn, before he was then strapped to the trestle, and a series of caners would take turns delivering the punishment to his naked buttocks with a cane soaked in water.

The punishments was so severe, the caners had to swap after every six strokes to rest.

Mr Yuen said he and the other inmates who suffered the flogging were sat on a bench with blood oozing, before a doctor gave them painkillers and anitbiotics.

The pain left him unable to control his bowels and impossible to sit, with human lawyers warning that just six lashes are enough to cause life-long spinal and kidney injuries.

Yuen moved to Singapore when he was 17 to live with relatives after his father was made bankrupt and could not afford his school fees at the £41,000-a-year Westminster School in London.

According to reports, police officers found Yuen with 69g and 60g of cannabis, while another involved 15g of crystal meth when he was arrested in 2016.

Those caught in possession of more than 500g face the death penalty by hanging.

In the UK, his offences at most would have seen him sentenced to prison for 12 months.

Yeun’s family member shared a letter that arrived from the 31-year-old this week, in which he pleads with the British public and the international community to “stand with him” to put an end to caning.

He added that the pain has left him lying down on his stomach and he has to keep wiping the sides of his legs because blood keeps sweating from his buttocks.

His family is now fighting to allow Yeun to serve the remainder of his sentence in a British prison so they can visit him more regularly.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Foreign Office told Sky News : “The foreign secretary, minister for Asia and the UK high commissioner to Singapore have made our concerns about this case clear to the Singaporean authorities, and have appealed for leniency.

“Our staff continue to support the British man in question and his family.”