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Bruce Arians: Tom Brady is “falling in love” with Tampa Bay’s virtual reality training system

Not much gets said these days about virtual reality training for quarterbacks, in large part because the teams that have adopted it would prefer that the teams that haven’t continue to not do so. That attitude went out the window on Monday, when Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians pulled the curtain back on the extent to which his new quarterback has taken to the STRIVR system that Arians has used for several years now.

“We’ve used it since [the] Arizona days,” Arians told reporters. “Carson [Palmer] absolutely loved it. All our backup quarterbacks get really live reps — it’s our actual practice that goes on, on the tape. Tom [Brady] has embraced it. We were already scheduled to use it and would have used it anyway because Blaine [Gabbert] and [Ryan Griffin] liked it from last year. It’s good reps for them, but Tom is falling in love with it, too.”

And it’s not just a periodic enhancement to the team’s preparations; it’s a key tool in the overall effort to get quarterbacks ready to play.

“We use it every single day,” Arians said. “Every blitz period, every seven-on-seven, everything’s filmed. You can go back and watch it again in two different ways: On tape and virtual.”

Whether and to what extent Brady needs it is unclear, given that he already has seen everything he could ever see. But if virtual reality training adds anything at all to his ability to process information and to react accordingly, it could make him even more effective.